The Case Against Banning Guns Analysis

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The general arguments made by Paul Waldman in his work, “The Case For Banning Guns,” and by Shikha Dalmia in her work, “The Case Against Banning Guns,” is that there have been numerous issues arising in America due to a national debate about gun control. Both authors state their personal opinions about whether or not guns should be permanently banned, regulated, or even if the problem is not the gun, but the person who pulls the trigger. They each provide various examples and briefly mention a few past mass shootings to support their beliefs on this tragic topic. Beginning with Waldman’s argument, he believes that almost all guns should be banned. Although he knows that this task is impossible, he thinks that America would be a far better society without them. To support his opinions, he provides research that states “Over 30,000 Americans dead every year, and tens of thousands more maimed and paralyzed.” How does Waldman know that this piece of information is referring to gun usage? There is no evidence provided to prove that over 30,000 Americans die every year due to just guns. Guns are not the only weapon available in America for people to use in harmful ways. Due to new technologies developing daily, it gets easier and easier for people to find new ways to take innocent lives. Even if it were possible to discard all existing guns in America, there would still be other weapons available for people to find a way to cause unnecessary damage. Although the number of
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