The Case Against Standardized Testing

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Standardized testing ugh. The absolute worst part of school.Testing is so dreadful because it’s time consuming, forget consuming it’s devouring, teachers and students don’t get the graded test back fast enough, and last but definitely not least students already have to study for classroom test weekly now you want to overload their brains! This why I am against standardize test. These test have a desire to devour classroom time and brain capacity. Class is already very tiring, think of adding hour long test. Children working as hard as possible, but secretly wondering when this dreadful test is going to be over. You could be learning more valuable information, that could be used for more classroom test. Speaking of the classroom testing why would you want students to test any more. Students who have to test weekly know where I’m coming from what is the point of testing weekly just to lead up to an even bigger test. Testing is already awful why add more stress. Anxiety levels are definitely going through the ruff, studying for a test with only twenty or more questions isn’t that bad but imagine you sitting in a stuffy desk wait filling in bubbles just so you do it for another hour. Students automatically hate the thought of testing.…show more content…
This website is very useful to students and teachers because they get their grade with a push of a button, but with these long tragus test it’s a whole other story. I don’t know what kind of state test you take but the SC PASS testing takes forever to get back in the hands of
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