The Cask Of Amontillado Analysis

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The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe What is Montresor’s plan for revenge? Give a step-by-step account of his murderous plan. Montresor has planned a detailed revenge to ensure impunity. Since the carnival created a busy and ambitious atmosphere, Montresor found it to be the ideal setting for committing an unnoticed crime. When he comes across Fortunato, the victim of this murderous plan, Montresor announces having bought a cask of amontillado during the carnival, capturing Fortunato’s attentiveness. Subsequently, he asked Fortunato, since he is deeply interested and has a grand and round knowledge on wine, to make sure he has not been deluded. Once Fortunato is determined to go check out the elegant wine, Montresor escorts him through his catacomb. As they trudged along underground, Fortunato’s cough got aggravated with the thick layer of niter on the walls, and as a remedy, Montresor gave him wine, resulting him to be even more intoxicated. As Fortunato’s excitement grew at the thought of amontillado, they entered a less spacious area, where Montresor promises it to be where the exquisite wine was placed. Once inside, Montresor rapidly traps Fortunato, chaining him securely to the wall, and starts to build a wall. In conclusion, not a soul has disturbed the masonry for the past fifty years. May he rest in peace. Describe the setting of the carnival. What kind of an atmosphere does the reader find at the carnival? In the carnival, the author adapts a joyful and
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