The Cask Of Amontillado Short Story Analysis

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I have chosen that the best short story from the list provided this week would be "The Cask of Amontillado" written by Edgar Allen Poe. This short story was written in the year of 1846. Edgar Allen Poe made this one of the best stories because of the plot in this story and the characters he chose to be a part of the story. This short story was originally written and put into a magazine in Philadelphia. It had also made it to where it was continuously printed, just like all of the other stories that Edgar Allen Poe has written (Kirszner & Mandel, 2012).

In "The Cask of Amontillado", Montresor was the one that narrated the story. During his narration, it is known that he has a grudge against Fortunato and he never explained on why he had that grudge or what even caused it. Montresor eventually ends up chaining Fortunato to a wall and left him there to die. He also had built a newer wall to seal Fortunato in. This happened after Montresor had lead Fortunato, which was drunk through a numerous set of chambers beneath his palazzo. Fortunato thought he was following Montresor so that they could taste some wine that Montresor has just bought. Montresor was out to seek revenge for this grudge that he has had against Fortunato (Kirszner & Mandel, 2012).
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He is a man that is very wealthy who even has his own servants in his large palazzo. Montresor came from a very well established family and was also a fluent speaker in French and Latin. He had a grudge against one of his really good friends for many different reasons that isn 't mentioned. He eventually tricked his friend into following him through these chambers just so he could get the revenge he had been planning on getting for a long time now. He is a very sneaky character and plays the part out very well (Kirszner & Mandel,
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