The Cat And Shakespeare Analysis

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The Cat and Shakespeare is another attempt at philosophical fiction, though in a new direction viz. metaphysical comedy. The author himself has called it ‘a book of prayer’. There is haphazardness and the narrative mode is in consonance with the life and characters of the story. My effort in this paper is to look at the phases Ramkrishna Pai has gone through to achieve supreme knowledge. Ramkrishna Pai, thus passes through many phases in his journey towards the Supreme, ultimately reaches his goal. He is transformed from a Sadhaka to bhakta who is surrendered to the God, as a kitten to the Mother Cat. The seeker, when he confronts Reality, knows no fear. As Nachiketa was liberated and Yama ushered him into the nature of the Self, likewise Ramkrishna Pai, attains salvation. Here too, when the quester crosses the barrier of finite knowledge, there is an elevation in spirit. Even death could not frighten the aspirant at that point of time. The mystical experience permeates his being as he learns the lesson of renunciation. Ramkrishna Pai learns that the real understanding implies a merger of the self with the object of perception. He now gauges the importance of his Guru’s acts and statements

The Serpent and the Rope followed by a novel of slender bulk, The Cat and Shakespeare [1965; an earlier version called ‘The Cat’ (1959)] is a sequel to The Serpent and the Rope. The novel too deals with the theme of Metaphysical quest on a plane (from karma to sadhana, sadhana to
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