Dr. Seuss The Cat And The Hat Analysis

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Theodor “Ted” Seuss Geisel is a popular authors that’s better known as Dr. Seuss. He did not really have an easy start to his career, which is probably because of his simple writing style. His career started as an editor for high school humor magazine (About Dr. Seuss). That’s probably nothing serious but, it most likely shaped his career. Later on in his life Dr. Seuss eventually became an artist after noticing that being a literature professor was not for him (About Dr. Seuss). In the prime of his career, Dr. Seuss wrote one of the world’s most famous books: The Cat and the Hat which goes by another famous author’s theory, Dr. Sigmund. The Cat and the Hat by Dr. Seuss is more than just a children’s story; upon a closer psychoanalysis of the…show more content…
The reader realizes what is said on page 60 when the mom asks “Did you have any fun? Tell me. What did you do” (Seuss). But, the children gave no answer, which is typically not normal for a child to not answer. With that being said, the children reflect their structural model of personality, the ego. It was said that the ego has the id and superego on its shoulder telling it right and wrong (NCTE). During the story, the fish, which is the superego, is like a parent figure but to a limit because after all, he is a fish. For example, “the superego dictate our belief of right and wrong” (NCTE). Basically, what the fish has been doing from beginning to end. Like when the Cat first arrived the fish said “NO NO make that Cat go away” (Seuss 11). Mainly because he knows right from wrong. With that being said, the theme that pleasure is temporary could only apply to someone that seems to know right from wrong. An example would be when the Cat got kicked out he knew the fun never last long because he said” I always pick up my play things” (Seuss 57). Now it is obvious that The Cat and the Hat is not just about letting a stranger into your house. It helps the reader to understand right from
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