The Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Analysis

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In The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, by Tennessee Williams, denial plays a huge role throughout the entire play. Every couple in the story all have something that they are in denial about; it starts with Maggie being in denial about Brick loving her, then Big Momma and ,Gooper and May, are in denial about Big Daddy loving them, and Big Daddy is in denial about his cancer killing him. Throughout the whole story everyone is trying to make Big Daddy happy to get his estate besides one person, Brick, which is the only person that Big Daddy even wants to talk to. From the beginning, to the end Brick never shows any sign of affection or feelings towards Maggie, they are just coexisting together in the same household. Maggie said, “I’m not living with you, we’re just occupying the same cage.” That meaning, that even though that they are living together, they are still were not doing the things married people do like having children and sleeping together. The whole time throughout the play Maggie tries…show more content…
Then Big Daddy and Big Momma get off the airplane, and say he is cancer free, which is a lie from the doctor, when he knows that Big Daddy has terminal cancer and will not live much longer. Then while Big Daddy believes he is cancer free, he starts making plans for the rest of his life saying, “I’m going to feel things that I’ve never felt.” Big Daddy thinks he still has a long life to live and does not need to worry about who the house and land is going to and all the other stresses that come with terminal cancer. Right when Brick figures out that Big Daddy is supposedly cancer free, he is ready to leave and go home. He does not want to stay and celebrate Big Daddy’s birthday, he is just ready to head back home, even though he is going to do the same thing at his house that he is at Big Daddy’s, which is just hang around and get drunk

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