The Catcher In The Rye: Character Analysis

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J.D Salinger’s widely read novel, “The Catcher in the Rye” is an episodic novel that describes in great depth Holden Caulfields three day trip from Pencey Prep, California to New York. During his roam to New York, Holden undergoes many social problems that seem to affect the way Holden behaves and acts. One of the main social issues in the novel is his innocence as he is acclimated to being around adults. In addition, another societal problem Holden faces is sexual confusion as Holden claims he is a sex maniac although, he is still a virgin. Finally, Holden has difficulties with isolation as Holden lives distant from his family and constantly strives to find ways to feel belonged. Therefore, these are all essential communal struggles Holden experiences throughout the novel. To start off with, a central matter Holden faces and seeks to protect is innocence. Holden witnesses a “man and woman squirting water out of their mouths” at each other.Holden’s perception of this reveals to readers how Holden is uncomfortable with sexuality. Holden considers what the “perverts” are doing is “crumby behaviour.” He believes that people should only be having sex if they care deeply for each other. In Holden 's mind anything that is sexual to him is perverted. Moreover, another event justifying how innocence affects Holden is when he notices an old “distinguished looking guy” dressing into “silk stockings, high heeled shoes” and brassiere smoking a cigarette. Holden is baffled by
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