Categorical Imperative Analysis

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However, the very meaning of the rule given above is contradictory. If people’s lives can be sacrificed for the benefit of humanity, then how can one determine where the line of sacrifice stops? If everybody can be sacrificed and is sacrificed, then what is left of humanity in the end? The basis of all other benefits is life and if a system is arbitrarily sacrificing people’s lives, then there is no way one can say that sacrificing people is for the benefit of humanity. So, the Categorical Imperative has already been broken by the movie, specifically in its use of the system of Pre-Crime. Next, there must be a discussion of the Practical Imperative. This is the idea that everybody is an end in themselves, not a means to an end. No one person can treat another as an item or possession that can be used to help or further his or her own goals. This movie goes against this tenet as can be seen in the usage of the Pre-Cogs, Agatha and the twins. These three poor individuals are being used to bring about good ends for the society. Nobody can say that the Pre-Cogs want to be there. They were experimented on and forced into a slavelike…show more content…
As long as good consequences for the most amount of people will result, it is considered moral. The Pre-Crime system also uses this rationale. Pre-Crime is all about the sacrifice of a few for the good of the many. However, if one were to place oneself into a Pre-Crime would-be criminal’s position, it becomes unjustifiable to punish people like this. After all, no one person wants to be treated as a tool. The greater good is all fine and good, but a person’s individual good is also as important. However, arguments notwithstanding, if people solely follow this punishment theory, then yes, their actions can be justified. Of course, many immoral acts can be justified under this theory which makes it a very dangerous theory, if it is the only theory society is
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