The Cathedral And Everyday Use Analysis

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The Cathedral and Everyday use were both enlightening and intriguing stories written by two renowned authors and differs in numerous ways, sett out to explain and disseminate its readers to dissimilar characters and themes. Whether fiction, non-fiction, there were meaningful lessons learned from reading both stories. The Cathedral is a story about two friends, a blind man Robert and his female friend that reunited after ten years, even though they communicated by sending tapes and poems. While Everyday Use was a story about a woman who had two daughters, Maggie and Dee, with two different personalities. Maggie, who lives at the home of her mom was shy and scar by burns she had sustained from a house fire, while her eldest sister Dee, who was educated,…show more content…
The main character or narrator in the Cathedral was not only jealous of the relationship between his wife and her friend (the blind man); moreover, he had not seen him in person and did not appreciate the idea that he was actually spending the night at their house. However, after the narrator’s encounter with Robert, he perceives that he was not what he expected him to be; instead, he was gentle and friendly. On the other hand, the main character or narrator in everyday use was outspoken and straightforward, explaining about her surroundings and what had transpired in her life. From harsh labor to the different circumstances, she had faced in her lifetime; she also talks about her daughters who had different personalities. Imagery/symbol The imagery and symbolism in the Cathedral shows a transformation in the life of the narrator, who perceived the blind man has a threat to him, later learn the significance of humanity through the kindness and caring gestures of the blind man. Whereas the imagery and symbol of Everyday Use was the quilts, handmade by the narrator’s mother and sister representing the legacy of their family.
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