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The famous cathedral Notre dame lies at the island ile de la cité in the heart of Paris, it is more than 800 years old and with that one of the oldest buildings in the city.
No other building in Paris have been so tied up with Paris and the city´s history, if the Eiffel-tower were not chosen to be Paris trademark, it might have been Notre dame who were chosen to.
On instead where Notre dame located, have there earlier lying a Roman temple, a Christian basilica and ago a church in Romanesque style. About 1160 began, Bishop Maurice de Sully to plan the construction of a large cathedral in this place, the first stone was laid by Pope Alexander d. 3 in 1163.
In 1245 the towers were finished, but it was not until about 1345 that the cathedral was completely finished, ie that the construction work
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Was in the 1700s a removed glass painting from the Middle Ages, which was replaced with plain glass.
During the Revolution of 1789 was Notre Dame looted, and statues were destroyed, the revolutionary government banned Christianity, and the Cathedral and many other churches were used as storage.
Napoleon. 1. reintroduced Christianity, and December 2, 1804 he crowned himself emperor in Notre Dame, where the Pope attended the ceremony.
In 1841 it was decided to restore Notre Dame, including as a result of the author Victor Hugo had made a campaign that His book "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" had also given a lot of attention around the Cathedral.
The famous 1,800-century architect Viollet-le-Duc was one of two architects of extensive restoration, which lasted for 23 years.
During the uprising in Paris (municipality uprising) in 1871 and during the second world war, nothing happened with the cathedral.
Over the years, the cathedral was used as a framework for major religious and political ceremonies.
Here were the royal weddings, state funerals and
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