Catholic Church In The Middle Ages Essay

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Religion in the Medieval Times was dominated by Christianity; hence, the Catholic Church was the only church in Europe.The Catholic Church was the most influential establishment in medieval times, its effect permeated every element of people 's lives. The Church controlled the calendar and marked important stages of an individual 's life such as: marriage, baptism, and the eucharist. The Church also taught the meaning of life and the afterlife. The regular church, consisted of men and women who had promise vows of celibacy, obedience and poverty. Throughout history, the Catholic Church had a strong influence among many time periods especially the Middle Age’s. During the Middle Ages the Catholic Church had influenced the Middle Age’s society by influencing the law, social status, and the educational system. The Church had a powerful influence upon the law; substantially, a very vast authority was exercised by the ecclesiastical courts. To demonstrate the massive influence that the church had, Simon Newman, president of Mount St. Mary’s University mentioned, “During the later Middle Ages, the law of Europe was governed by the Church. An entire jurisdiction was exercised by the church which protected the widows,…show more content…
Such as the church controlled the law, by utilising Cannon Laws and Sumptuary laws, to maintain tranquility in the society. Next the church also influenced the social classes of the Middle Ages by having the women below the man on the hierarchical pyramid, even when they serve the Church. Lastly, education of the Middle Ages was mainly directed by the church such as the schools were usually in the church and women can not obtain education because of the Churches commands. The Church had a huge impact during the Middle Ages and effected every individuals life. Would the middle ages be different without the control of the catholic
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