Cause And Effect Of Drugs: Causes And Effects

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Cause & Effect Of Using Drugs
Have you ever thought about how bad drugs are for you and your system and the causes and effects that can happen to you when you take them? Drugs are not good in any reason if your sick. After a while you start to get an addiction to the point where you can 't stop doing them or if you run out of the drugs you take you end up going crazy.You can end up doing anything just for drugs sell anything just to get your drug for example drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crystal etc... Well in this essay that am writing about am going to tell you the causes and effects of using drugs.
Therefore, to start off with my first reason is that you can end up losing your job by using drugs.While your working and your
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For example me as a teen I have probation up to 1 year going into drug and alcohol classes taking pee test and when I failed my pee test I had to get locked up for 1 month and a half witch was bad because being in juvenile is not a good thing its really, really bad and it can be dangerous in some ways but if you don’t control your self and behave while you are locked up then they extend your time to

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