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Workplace absenteeism is term generally refers to unscheduled absence of employee from workplace. Employee’s mental & physical situation, intention to work or some habitual factors influences themselves to absent frequently from a workplace. There are also some causes of absenteeism are legitimate, like personal illness, family issues. But workplace absenteeism are highly identified due to poor work environment or workers who lack of commitment to their jobs. Where employers only expect from their employees to miss a certain number of working days each year, excessive absence resulting decrease of productivity & can have a major effect on company’s financial activities, morale & other factors.

Causes of Absenteeism in Workplace

People miss
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Accident & Injuries – Accident & miss happening to the employees can occur in the work place or outside the work place which also causes work place absenteeism.

Now, there has been a deep attention given to the problem of absenteeism in a workplace. According to the most recent information from statistics Canada, the average of Canadian worker was away from work for the equivalent of almost two weeks in a year. Those 9.3 days lost translate to 2.4% of gross annual payroll, or $16.6 billion for Canadian employers in 2012.
Also it founds in most of the business & many cases that the 80% 0f casual absence of lost days are not supported by any sort of medical certificate or note.
Absenteeism causes a significant effect in the economy. Due to the lost productivity, companies may have to hire a temporary worker or pay overtime to other workers in order to recover the lost output. Completion time of job may increase, increase of customer dissatisfaction, negative effect in sales, confidence & morale of present employee may lost, key employee may leave the job due to frustration & heavy work pressure.
Although some steps is being taken to avoid absence management, many rules, regulation & policies are takes place for better controlling of workplace

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