The Cause And Causes Of Corruption In Nigeria

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Causes of corruption According to Treisman (2000) Corruption can be traced to colonial heritage and legal systems. According to him, countries with British colonial heritage were less corrupt compared to other metropolole like the French Portuguese and Spanish. Colonial Heritage and Legal Systems. This is because the British very procedural when it came taws. Procedures, to them, are not merely procedures, but sacred rituals” (Eckstein 1966, p.265). On the other hand other Metropole or cultures, restore social orders not so much going according to procedures. Religion too is one of the causes of corruption. Countries who had higher protestant were said to have a lower level of corruption in 1980. Protestants do not tolerate unfairness and wickedness and thus to try to cast anything that they believe is devilish. Another cause of corruptions is the type of system the country is running on; according to Treisman (2000) a democratic country is less corrupt compared to others. When a country depends on the exportation of raw materials, it is identified as a poor country and according to Treisman (2000), poverty increases corruption. For example a country like Nigeria who is mostly dependent on the exportation of Oil has a very high corruption rate. Finally, we can look at the cost and benefits approach. This approach shows that when the costs of being corrupt is lower than the benefit then corruption rises, vice versa. And also when institutions in the country are very weak,

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