The Cause And Causes Of Crime In Argentina

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Crime, it can be defined as an illegal activity that can be punished by the law, crime has more than one relevant definition but for the purposes of shedding light on this topic we will just focus on this precise definition of crime. One funny and interest thing about crime is that even the smallest of crimes committed does not only have a negative effect on those involved but has a chain reaction on the larger population.
Crime is a problem which the country has been trying to suppress for many years now, Argentina’s battle against crime has been a serious struggle which has seemed like a never-ending rollercoaster ride. Every time the crime rates in the country seem to come to a significant minimum like the “never-ending” joyride, it immediately shoots up and retakes its seemingly incessant pattern. Crime comes in many forms and can be seen in various institution all over the country. Not to put Argentina in a bad light, many countries are currently facing the exact same problem which Argentina is going through whilst some are even in a worse off position.
The topics which I have singled out below (corruption and violence) are also understood to fall under crime because they are types of crime on their own but this document singles them out to talk about them in depth and give a warning feeling (synonym for this word) and hopefully bring about solutions to these problems someday. “more later”

Causes of crime in Argentina Politics: Since the early days, politics

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