The Cause And Causes Of Failure For College Students

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CHAPTER 2 • Cause/s of Failures Students get poor grades involve external factors, like the subject matter is too challenging that makes the students unable to follow in the discussion. The other reasons have to with poor attitudes, like not doing homework dillydallying, and skipping class. Lastly, there are reasons related to personal issues, such as test anxiety and concentrating problems. (Kurtus, 2012) • Student-related Factors • Not Ready for College Students aren’t prepared for post-secondary work and lack foundational skills that hinder to achieve passing grades. Many students don’t learn those skills in grade school and high school, that when they reach college they aren’t ready for the demands of being a college student (“Why Do Students Fail? Faculty 's Perspective”, 2014). High school misconception that a student can pass a subject without studying (“Why Do Students Fail? Faculty 's Perspective”, 2014). They don’t have an idea of what a college student do. They don’t even know the steps to achieve success (“Why Do Students Fail? Faculty 's Perspective”, 2014). Lot of teenagers is simply not ready for the exhaustive schedule of higher level program. That is why many students take a break after a semester (Dasko, M., 2008), • Lack of Effort Effort is one of the reasons why students fail to succeed. They only read important sentences to pass a test, instead of reading the entire chapters (“Why Do Students Fail? Faculty 's Perspective”, 2014). They do not put
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