Essay On Heart Failure

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Heart failure does not signify our heart has failed or stopped up beating.It means that our heart, which is a muscle that pumps blood to all parts of our body, is not working as well as it should and cannot pump as much blood as our body needs. when our heart's pumping action lessens, blood can back up in our lungs, liver, or legs. This be able to cause shortness of breath, leg swelling and other problems. In addition, organs in our body might not obtain the oxygen and nutrients they want to function properly.Heart failure is a chronic (ongoing) situation that develops in excess of time. It is generally caused by underlying conditions, such as high blood pressure or heart disease. These conditions damage our heart, making the heart muscle thick. The damaged muscle either cannot slow down properly to let the pumping chambers of the heart, the ventricles, fill with enough blood, or it cannot contract well to let the ventricles pump out enough blood.…show more content…
Commonly, heart failure begins with the left side, particularly the left ventricle our heart's main pumping chamber. A few of the following conditions can damage or weaken our heart and can cause heart failure.Various of these can be present lacking our knowing it, Coronary artery disease is the mainly common form of heart disease and the mainly common cause of heart failure.Over time, arteries that deliver blood to your heart muscle narrow from a build up of fatty deposits is a process called atherosclerosis. The build up of plaques can cause reduced blood flow to your heart.A heart attack occurs if plaques produced by the fatty deposits in our arteries rupture. This causes a blood clot to structure, which may block blood flood to an area of the heart muscle, deteriorating the heart's pumping ability and often leaving permanent damage. If the damage is significant, it can lead to a weakened heart
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