The Cause And Causes Of Stress In School

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2) As a teenager I experience stress that are caused by physical, emotional, social and environmental stressors that are linked to school, economic and social pressure, and to my personality. I also cause stress towards myself, parents, teachers, siblings, and friends, how I choose to deal with the daily stress is very important. Most of the stress I deal with are linked to school. As a grade 12 student the amount of work I get increases on a daily basis and the assignments that I have to complete piles up by the day. It is very important that I obtain good results in assignment and examinations in order to have a good portfolio mark for all my subjects as it will help me get into university and kick start my career. I realise that I find it very difficult to study for all my subjects on one day because I do not have the time. I also tend to stress about if I will be able to make it through grade 12 and if I will obtain…show more content…
I firstly cause economic stress towards my parents because I depend on them financially. They feed me, pay for my school fees, clothe me, and provide a shelter for me. I sometimes lack understanding towards my parents’ finances as I constantly require them to give me money for sometimes unnecessary consumer goods. I cause stress towards my teachers when I do not hand in my work on time and do not work to the best to my abilities. When I do not hand in my work in time this disrupts my teachers to behind in their marking schedules and may delay my teacher handing in my work for moderation. I cause stress towards my friends and siblings when I say rude remarks to them and do not seem to respect them. This may lead to conflict in between our relationship just because of silly behaviour or a bad day which is not really not worth it. I also stress myself by letting unnecessary things bother me emotionally and by easily taking offence to unnecessary
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