The Cause And Causes Of Unemployment In Nigeria

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The ever increasing number of graduates that leave school in recent times especially from the South-South zone universities in Nigeria with little hope of securing employment either in the public or private sector has become a source of worry to the authorities and stakeholders. Youth unemployment is not only an economic but also a serious social problem. Unemployment is synonymous with waste of resources. It is a waste of human capital and one of the main causes of social disorder which lends itself to poverty and other problems of economic underdevelopment.
Causes of unemployment in Nigeria have been identified to include: (1) neglect of technical and vocational education in favour of university and polytechnic education because of societal over-emphasis on their certificates (Bello, 2003), (2) neglect of agriculture which was the mainstay of the economy in the sixties and seventies for oil industry which has low employment capacity (Babalola, 2007), (3) mismatch of population growth rate and GDP average growth rate, (4) poor graduate job skills, (Dabalen & Oni 2000), (5) lack of graduate capacity for self-employment or venture creation, and (6) adverse enabling environment for economic activities as a result of decayed infrastructures (Babalola, 2007).
It is important at this point to mainstream the various efforts of government and other stakeholders to stem the tide of youth unemployment in Nigeria. To arrest this problem, different regimes of Nigeria
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