Cause And Effect Of Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic violence refers to an aggressive behavior that involves abuse of a spouse or partner which can either be physical, psychological, sexual, or emotional abuse. It further involves exertion of power and control by one partner against the other. Women are at a very high risk of torture. Children also follow closely. Men are also at a risk of abuse.
Causes of domestic abuse
People who have grown up experiencing the abuse, for instance, witnessing a neighbor or one of their parents being abused, learned that the behavior is an ideal way to express their grievances. Such people are the main perpetrators of domestic violence. It gets even worse if the same people have not been confronted or stopped by anyone as they will continue with the violence.
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No one likes humiliation of any kind.

Problems at work and losing a job may also escalate domestic abuse.
Suspecting that your partner is being unfaithful to you brings about jealousy and anger that might finally lead to physical abuse.
Effects of domestic violence
Any person, either a person or a family who affected by domestic violence, is usually faced with traumas. These traumas have devastating effects on the victim which range from physical, mental to spiritual. There are immediate and long-term effects on the victim.
Immediate effects include;
In children, fear, poor performance in school and loss of appetite is closely observed and accompanied by stunted growth. It is common in families where there are frequent arguments and fights between parents. Physical injuries like scars, cuts, bruises and fractures in cases of fights. This can lead to loss of vision or hearing ability.
Women and girls are mostly affected by the violence which can lead to negative health effects on them. For instance, change in their menstrual cycle and miscarriage of children if they were expectant at the time of the violence.
Long term effects

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