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While there are a lot of problems facing Thailand today, the issue of drugs is one of the big issues Thailand has. About 1.2 million people were involved in drug activities in 2014 (Becky Bach). Illegal drugs in Thailand is a very big problem, but it could get worst. Over the last 10 years, there were police men 's checking for drugs which led to firing guns which led to Almost 2000 people were killed during that time the police checked for drugs. Which is quite a big amount of people who lost their lives? Furthermore, in this exposition, I 'll discuss how drugs, came into Thailand and the causes and effects of using a drug around Thailand. How to be away from drugs, and how to be safe from people who use drug. This essay is strenuous
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More effects are such as relationship problems, problems with people around. People around won 't like to talk to drug addicts because they think drug addicts are crazy and can attack them anytime. So, drug addicts would face loneliness, some more effects will be affecting Thailand 's environment Thailand 's name itself would be defamed because of drugs in the country. People who use drugs might be affected by aids (Sutapuk, U. (2017). Brain damage could be another big effect of drugs, early death, sudden mood changes, looking old face, have the conflict with loved once. Affect mental health which means slow thinking and now straight forward. Eventually making the person useless and leave the person in a suicidal state which is quite bad. A person in a suicidal state can do whatever he wants without thinking cause he, in the end, he will still die. So, the person doesn 't really care, which is scary for us normal human being. The drugs are expensive too so the person could get bankrupt and eventually do some crime for getting the drugs. Or rob a bank and steal money from people, which is not quite good for them. And money for buying the drug it would make more problem for the country and disgrace the name of the…show more content…
And also install camera 's everywhere around the forest and border keep an eye in the forest for drug dealers, because drug dealers like to hide in the forest deep inside (Chantratita, W, 2009). Have a campaign talking about the effects of using drugs this will make people think that using drugs will make me die fast and other effects that they will learn from the campaign, make tv ads it would also reduce a number of people who are going to try drugs because they will see the tv ads and get scared (Livestrong,

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