The Cause And Effects Of Drugs And Drugs In Thailand

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While there are a lot of problems facing Thailand today, the issue of drugs is one of the big issues Thailand has. About 1.2 million people were involved in drug activities in 2014 (Becky Bach). Illegal drugs in Thailand is a very big problem, but it could get worst. Over the last 10 years, there were police men 's checking for drugs which led to firing guns which led to Almost 2000 people were killed during that time the police checked for drugs. Which is quite a big amount of people who lost their lives? Furthermore, in this exposition, I 'll discuss how drugs, came into Thailand and the causes and effects of using a drug around Thailand. How to be away from drugs, and how to be safe from people who use drug. This essay is strenuous on finding the cause and effects of Drugs in Thailand and finding out a solution to the problems.
The most common reason for experiencing drugs in Thailand is because of curiosity. Curiosity is one of the biggest reason for those people who had never tried drugs but it makes them want to experience using drugs, sometimes in life they had not used it after their first try (Sobhonslidsuk, 2007). Drugs are the temptation which is hard to resist. Another reason young people take drugs is to get away the world. Maybe their life at home isn’t very pleasant. Maybe they don 't have an interesting job, not getting a decent grade in school, or just to escape reality. After using drugs, they feel better, more courageous, more

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