The Cause And Effects Of Global Warming

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2. Introduction Global warming is the gradual increase in the atmospheric temperature of the earth. This increase in the temperature is due to the green house effect. The radiation from the sun (heat) is absorbed by the atmosphere due to the green house effect which makes the life in the earth possible. If the atmosphere reflects the radiation from the sun then the atmospheric temperature of the earth would be so cold which would not permit any living organisms including human beings. The atmospheric temperature should be maintained for the life. It should not go below the permissible range or above the same. But the green house is getting disturbed because of the pollutions in the atmosphere due to several reasons. One such major reason is the imbalanced concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Usually the atmospheric balance is achieved by the green trees consuming the CO2 emitted by the living organisms for preparing the food. The trees thus release the oxygen in this process. The oxygen thus released by the trees will be utilized by the living organisms for breathing. Thus a balanced green house is achieved. But due to the industrialization process the trees are getting vanished day by day resulting in emission of CO2 in excess. The earth 's surface does not have enough trees to consume this excess CO2 and produce oxygen. This results in gradual increase in the concentration of CO2. This increase in CO2 gradually imbalances the green house. This results in gradual
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