The Cause And Effects Of Inhuman Behavior And Violence In Sports

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IV. Recommendation and conclusion The Union should review the fundamental punishment and therefore tightening rules, imposing sanctions and changing patterns of reinforcement could lead to a response to violence in sport. The cause and effects of the inhuman behavior and violence of football fans status 1. 0 Introduction Because of violence on the football pitch such as fighting, harassment, distraction or any other acts or behavior many people lose interests to attend the game and these violent events in before and after sporting events generated political, social, academic and media debates. As well as the Union is unable to collect income as usual. Sports play an important role in human development and in promotion Social cohesion; it promotes social integration and participation, thus making a valuable contribution to democracy; it promotes understanding between individuals and groups of different countries and cultures; economic levels at local, regional and national levels. But all this is at risk from violence. This is the way of the spectator violence is not only addressed by the Standing Committee 's expert body but also by political bodies. Moreover, the devastating impact of violence or the threat of violence in or related to sporting events can far exceed its victims. It actively discourages families, women, children, the elderly and persons with disabilities from attending games, creates a climate of fear among the local population around the

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