Cause And Effect Of Violence In Sports

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IV. Recommendation and conclusion
The Union should review the fundamental punishment and therefore tightening rules, imposing sanctions and changing patterns of reinforcement could lead to a response to violence in sport.

The cause and effects of the inhuman behavior and violence of football fans status
1. 0 Introduction

Because of violence on the football pitch such as fighting, harassment, distraction or any other acts or behavior many people lose interests to attend the game and these violent events in before and after sporting events generated political, social, academic and media debates. As well as the Union is unable to collect income as usual.

Sports play an important role in human development and in promotion
Social cohesion;
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Battle tactics require soldiers to be in excellent condition, and fighting skills learned from combat games were invaluable during times of war. It is believed that the Greeks discovered the use of combat sport after the Battle of Marathon as a result of fighting hand to hand.

2.2 Violence and aggression in modern sport

Violence in modern sports can be attributed to old sport where violence was inevitable. The old sport had few restrictions, and even those rules that existed were not always implemented. Many of these sports are concluded only when one opponent surrenders the bed to the superior strength of the winner. However, in recent years, violence in sport, both in the field and outside, has been a social problem.

For example, committees were set up in Canada, England and Australia to investigate violence in a sports mode.

Debate on fan violence in modern sports usually involves the violent behavior of football fans, called "riot." The motive for fan violence is being thoroughly explored by sociologists around the world. Much of the violence appears to be linked to social and economic factors, such as poverty and class, but violence in religion-related fans (for example, Scotland) and regional issues (such as Italy and
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Sports is a crucial tool for teaching justice, respecting rules in favor of a group (racers as well as onlookers), and honesty.

2.4 The role of ethics in sports
It is important to distinguish between modernity and sportsmanship. Built on the principle that winning is all? Athletes and coaches are encouraged to bend rules wherever possible in order to gain competitive advantage over the opponent and pay less attention to the safety and well-being of the contest. Some of the main tenants of the Gamesmanship are: - Winning is everything, it is the function of the referee to catch irregularities, athletes and coaches do not have, goals always justify the average

A more ethical approach to sport is sports. Under the mathematical model, healthy competition is seen as a means of cultivating personal honor, virtue and character. It contributes to a society of respect and trust between competitors and society. The goal of sports leadership is not just to win, but to triumph with honor by giving the best effort. Ethics in sport requires four main virtues: fairness, integrity, responsibility and
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