Increasing Poverty In South Africa

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The reason why I choose poverty is because is the main socio economics that many community are phased with. Poverty is the key of all other socio economic issues such as crime, unemployment, substance abused, theft and many more others. Due to the issue of poverty our community have turned into a place where we are no longer free to walk alone during night. The higher rate of crime it’s mostly obtained by poor people as they are trying to make a leaving for themselves, as they cannot find employment due to lack of qualification and educations.
For many poor families meeting their basic needs such as food, shelter, water and cloths is a serious problem, this become more eventually worse if they are phased with both unemployment and underemployment where there is poor productive in the land or any other type of income. Such people usually place a shark where ever there is an open space so that they can find a place to sleep. The government is trying its best by providing RDP houses but the bigger the population increase the higher poverty increased and therefor the government fails to cover all poor
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And by so doing that it open doors for foreign people to take few jobs for us. Many industries or shops in Johannesburg are owned by foreign people while the citizens of South Africa are suffering from poverty. It was said that after the apartheid the government focused on improving the economy and the empowering of its black citizens rather than developing infrastructure such as healthcare services, education and housing development.
Poverty occurs mostly in rural areas rather than in urban areas, In South Africa there were about 74% of poor people living in rural areas and Most of all rural areas people lack 16% living in urban areas (StatsSA, 1995). People from rural areas lack access to infrastructure such as health care, schools, houses and many other more. The development of infrastructure takes place more slowly in rural areas which often results in more
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In other way the government should focus on things that will increase the economy of the country such as exporting more goods than we import from other countries. This will leads to higher business opportunities, high employment and high income which will reduce the higher rate of unemployment and decrease poverty, and also the standard of living the whole country including the poor. This will also open ways to the implementations of strategies such as GEAR, ASIGISSA and RDP.

3. Conclusion
The government can reduce poverty through enhancing education and training, knowledge and skills are the most things that are required when applying for a job. Many people are living under poverty due to lacking knowledge and skills. The government should aim to develop skills for all South Africa workplace, ensuring that programmes such as SETA takes place in the workplace most of all promoting self-employment through investing in small business and giving funds to those who are willing to start their own businesses.
They should be enough programmes in helping the poor such as food relief programmes and all the NGOs programmes, and opening more places for orphans children and adults. The implementation of these programmes must take place in both rural and urban places. They should also increase awareness
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