The Cause And Effects Of Stress In University Students

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Time at university is a time of change. It is a time about opportunity, to learn, to meet new people, experience new ideas and so on. It is different depends on individual. It can also be pressurized time, where the assignment or task must be submitted in the short time. This may make student feel stressful and depressed. Stress is one of the most common psychological disorders affecting university students. The cause of stress are complex and complicated. Stress can be broke down or worse by six categories : academic background, social influences family, finances, situational problems such as illness. Some students think that stress occurred by outside factors like a test, a professor, or a paper is make them stress out. Stress is large internal process.…show more content…
Students who have poor academic believe they can’t succeed in university. On the other hand, student who get 4.0 still can fell stress to constant their average every semester. Some of that, the past history can be affect to you stress level. Then, social influences can make some students feel stress. It can be stressful by fight with your roommate, feeling lonely and annoying, missing old friends, breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend, meeting new people. Besides that, having too good of a social life can cause stress because too much worry about the academic work that is not getting done. However, having a good friend and social life can reduce stress level because you have someone to control it. After that, some students may feel stress in college because of family crisis. Family background also can be affect the emotional and physical side. Returning students may feel stress because college is taking away that they spend with

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