The Cause And Effects Of Unemployment In South Africa

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What is unemployment?
Unemployment is a situation in which someone or a lot of people do not have work and do not have an income.
How unemployment relates to South Africa
In South Africa we have the worst youth-unemployment in the world, because there are a lot of youth who drop-out of high school or university and they do not have a job or something that they can do to keep themselves occupied- so this will result in our economy dropping because there aren’t that many people employed thus leading to a lot of investors not wanting to invest in our country.
We still live in a country where the effect of the system apartheid is still used today, think about it:
The children at all-white schools (usually private/independent) majority of them go to university, have a job, and a privileged life. The children at schools all-black schools (usually dependent on Government) they usually do not go to university, do not have a sustainable job, and an unprivileged life.
In South Africa, our life chances are mainly determined by race, by birth, and by where you went to school.
Most businesses would rather have employees from other companies that employ and trained talented people who lack skills and work experience but could add value in the long term. (This, in results in the fact that rate of unemployment in South Africa is HUGE, businesses struggle to fill vacancies.)
We need to look at the fact the large, poorly educated, mostly black population do not have social capital to get
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