The Cause And Effects Of Youthful Offenders

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"In the eighteenth Century America, juveniles as young as age seven could be tried and sentence in criminal courts". The sentencing of juvenile/young offenders is a harsh process because they are being treated as adults. Youthful Offenders are imperiled when treated as adults because it decreases their risk of safety to be put in adult prison facilities.
Cause and Effect
Many of the causes that puts young children to be in future danger are abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and poverty. Without the correct resources to help these young offenders are affected to suffer, fall into misery, struggle, and hopelessness. "Youthful offenders often have suffered physical, sexual, or psychological abuse when growing up". As these children develop, they grow up with a past life trauma causing them to be feud up, filled with rage, confusion, stress, and mixed emotions. Most of the time these youthful offenders do not know what they are doing. Their past tragedy history, usually tends to be the cause for them to be tried in criminal courts. Youthful offenders may enter gangs, which can also lead to auto theft, robbery, assaults, violence, etc. The things teenagers become youthful offenders is because they try to find the easy way out and that it will help them feel better about themselves. In today 's modern society, criminal courts can label a young child an adult depending the crime, but without realize the dangers of putting youthful offenders in adult prisons. Some of the risk

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