The Cause And Environmental Effects Of Global Warming

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One of the biggest issues facing us right now is global warming. “Scientists have discovered that the Earth 's average temperature has risen by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.”(Alina Bradford, “What is global warming?”) Global Warming refers to the rise of temperature on the Earth 's surface and atmosphere. This is due to the Enhanced greenhouse effect. “The Greenhouse effect is the process in which the earth receives sunlight rays from the sun and uses it to maintain its average surface temperature.” (“Short Summery for the greenhouse effect”) “Some of these rays are reflected back from the Earth 's surface and are trapped by the gases such as, carbon dioxide and methane etc, heating the Earth. When these gases are emitted from the Earth and traps more heat, it is called the Greenhouse Effect which leads to a rise in temperature. This then contributes to the issue of Global Warming.” (“Short Summery for the greenhouse effect”) Causes and the Environmental impact of Global warming Deforestation Deforestation refers to the removal of trees in a forest. This is one cause of global warming because humans want to gain fuel and wood so that they can use the land for buildings or farms. However, deforestation can occur air pollution and hazes just like the situation in Singapore now. This is very harmful to humans and the environment. As a result, cutting the trees down let carbon dioxide to be
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