The Cause And Natural Causes Of Global Warming

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Global warming is described as the large and gradual increase in temperatures on the earth’s surface and the lower atmosphere caused by an increase in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane (Soon, Baliunas, Robinson, & Robinson, 2001). While some factions of scholars, researchers and scientists describe Global warming as being natural, others believe it’s man-made. Naturally, the water vapor present in the air and clouds absorbs and therefore traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere which would otherwise be lost into space. The presence and increase of greenhouse gases further contribute to the greenhouse effect which leads to global warming by trapping more heat.
In the period before the industrial revolution, climate change was largely due to natural causes especially changes in solar irradiance and volcanic activity (Crowley, 2000). The natural causes of climate change are those factors beyond human control or influence which contribute to long-term statistical changes in weather patterns. Volcanic eruptions emit water vapor, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide among other volcanic gases into the atmosphere. These gases absorb heat radiated from the earth, therefore, contributing to warming its warming. On the earth hand, the gases reflect off the sun‘s radiation which eventually leads to cooling of the earth and its lower atmosphere. An example is an eruption of mount Tambora in the 19th century which substantially affected agricultural production in the
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