Why Do Video Games Cause Brain Disorders?

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Video games started during the late 1950’s when academics designed simple and stimulating games as part of their computer research. Video games then weren’t created to entertain the user, but instead to study the use of artificial intelligence to the community. It wasn’t that popular to the people until arcade video games, gaming consoles and home computer games were introduced to the public, it then became a known form of entertainment, and a part of the household needs. Until now, the use of video games are still very much known all around the world. And, because of the new demands of the users; academics, game developers and game designers are still continuing in the research of improving the games being published to the public every year.…show more content…
Based on a study of the Cambridge University, our body needs to move in order to function properly. The lack of movement can cause cramps, backaches, swollen joints and slow blood flow. Since our brain needs oxygen that the blood carries from the lungs, we are required to move to make the blood flow normally through our veins. This of lack of movement can be the cause of physical disorders that can become a bigger problem later on in life. Since video games allow its user to just sit while doing a simple job, the player becomes lazier, and choses job/activities that require less physical strength. In this case, their body gets used to lack of movement that even simple physical job like climbing the stairs can be a hard time for them. This is where obesity comes, since the player doesn’t move that much and takes in more unhealthy food such as chips, soda and other junks that can be eaten in an instant, the breakdown of food becomes slower. Walking, running and jogging doesn’t just help the brain to function normally but it also makes the metabolism of teenagers faster. Therefore, if a teenager spends his/her whole day sitting on the couch
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