The Cause Of Bill Gates: Rebel With A Cause

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Bill Gates - Rebel with a Cause Rebels don’t go against the traditional flow of society just because they can; rather, they have a cause they hope to accomplish. These goals often center around social/societal change, and the changes Bill Gates seeks is no different. Gates is most commonly known for his massive amounts of wealth he had earned through the founding of Microsoft, and through his philanthropic efforts and donations he has also made his way into the list of modern day rebels. Bill Gates donates massive sums of money to benefit organizations and efforts that seek to improve the lives of those suffering in countries plagued by disease and poverty as well as improving issues within developed countries such as America, encouraging others to follow the success of his campaign and donate portions of their wealth towards a greater cause. Bill Gates runs a personal charity named the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation geared towards distributing funds to support philanthropist movements such as eradicating deadly diseases that kill hundreds of thousands a year in areas like Africa. As explained within his interview with Omar Ben Yedder, “Gates started his journey into philanthropy in 1994, but the Foundation as we know it today began its life in 1999. To date the Foundation has disbursed $16bn, and it plans to accelerate this by committing another $5bn by 2020,” (Bill Gates: 'Africa Has Substantially Improved by Any Metric '.). The aforementioned information helps to

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