The Cause Of Concussions In Professional Sports

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America is obsessed with sports and competition, and one sport that signifies America is football. Today many professional football players across the country suffer from a common injury which is a concussion. This injury can threaten an athletics career and most of all permanently injure the brain. Former retired NFL players now deal with short term memory loss, and depression because of this brain injury. The increased amount of concussions in athletics today calls for more education on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of traumatic brain injury. Concussions are a serious issue in many professional sports such as football. Football player’s deal with hits and blows to the head every day, which gives them a higher chance of receiving a concussion. For example, “A concussion can occur with a blow to the chest that causes a whiplash effect on the brain. Whiplash of the neck and concussion frequently co-exist”…show more content…
Axon tearing occurs in more severe brain injuries, but proof is lacking for this mechanism in concussion. It is more likely that concussion is due to rotational acceleration of the brain (jiggling of the brain) that produces a disordered metabolic cascade or biochemical injury such as altered metabolism of glucose or derangement of adenine nucleotides. It is still uncertain where in the brain concussion occurs, or the exact origin of the symptoms of acute concussion. (Tator,1) There needs to be more scientific studies to help provide the mechanisms of a concussion and figure out more information about the exact mechanisms of a concussion. Not only do they need to have more information but it seems that they need to test for it so, that way they know exactly know where in the brain concussions occur. The diagnosis of a concussion is not tranquil but with the development of technology has allowed a deeper understanding of the diagnosis. For

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