The Cause Of Coupment And Corruption

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11.2 ORIGINS OF CORRUPTION WHAT THE CAUSES OF CORRUPTION? LOW SALARY LEVEL AMONG GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS According to some research, the wages paid are important in determining the degree of corruption in some country especially among government officials. Usually, employees in some of the government department are paid comparatively very less salary than private sector. It can make government official are more tempted to engage in corruption because there are a large disparity between public and private sector wages. Besides, low government wages result in a decline of public sectors efficiency and productivity and it creates incentives and opportunities for corruption. It is because they want to fulfill their living costs, own psychological needs or moral make up. Sometimes, the bribes offered to them may be too large compared to their wages as a government officials. So as ordinary human being, they will be interested to that offer. This situation are actually very common in some countries such Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippine, Nigeria and so on. Clerks in the court, peons and attenders in all government departments, police constables and such other employees are paid at low salary level. They won’t feel the need to take bribes if they receive enough money by working. So that, the relationship between wages paid and corruption are negative. If wages paid to government officials is lower, then it will increase the corruption. For example,

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