The Cause Of Government Corruption

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Many fictional novels have been written based on the possibility of dystopian futures in which a corrupt government rules over the world, its citizens oblivious to the suffering said government inflicts. Most of the time readers take these dystopian worlds as folly; impossible outcomes writers could only conjure up in the deepest recesses of their imagination. However, these works of fiction are truer to life than one might expect. To people’s resentment, government corruption is very real and very concerning problem in life for several reasons. As a matter of fact, when people living in the United States were asked, "To what extent do you think that corruption is a problem in the public sector in this country?" on a rating scale from 1 (corruption is not an issue) to 5 (corruption is a big problem), the ratings averaged out to a startling number of 4 according to a survey done by the Global Corruption Barometer, also produced by Transparency International, in 2013. Some might say it’s a waste of time to try and find the solution to a problem so unbelievably big, but to let corruption exist as it is will only cause the problem to grow and flourish. Without opposition, corruption reigns supreme. This paper will explain the history behind government corruption, the effects government corruption can have on a nation and its people, what people have done to try and stop corruption and what we think can be done to aid such a big problem in the hopes that change will be

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