The Cause Of Hamlet's Tragic Flaw

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In the end, I believe that Hamlet virtuous intentions totally reflect faultily in many circumstances that led to his tragic flaw. He was thinking the greatest outcomes possible so that he won’t take any wrong steps that can kill a naïve person and his values. Hamlets Flaw is his good traits but certainly these traits didn’t help him a lot when he was dealing with those harsh environment and circumstances. Hamlets were very close to his father and mother but after the discovery that his own mother betrayed his father loves he completely got outraged and he started to think of his mother as selfish and trustworthy women. He started to believe that all women are identical and he feared that his love Ophelia might also betray him. Also, Hamlets was stuck between his values and responsibilities toward his father as a son. Hamlets always believed that killing is an immorality and one should never kill anyone; his belief becomes the predominant reason of his tragic flaw.

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