The Cause Of Homelessness

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Today in America, there exists a silent but growing struggle that requires attention and debate. Many people do not take notice or turn the cheek to the state of homelessness that many citizens suffer from. Information is key that raises awareness about a crucial topic. This material will answer the question: What causes homelessness and how can this plight be cured?
First we need to define what makes a person fit the category of homeless. According to Gale Student Context: A homeless person is someone who is unable to secure and maintain a permanent, safe, and adequate dwelling. But the definition of homelessness differs by State and culture and how one views a homeless person determines who gets counted. Thereby, the offer of a universal
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The main accounts consist of unemployment and low income. Many economists point the finger at “the financial disaster of 2008 that weakened the economy” (Helping the homeless). The Great Recession, as many refer it as, is tied to the housing collapse, making housing costs go up the roof. Another explanation of homelessness is war. War veterans make up 23 percent of the homeless population, it is due to the lack of aid programs, and program funding that leaves them without a shelter. Veteran homelessness fixes along with mental illnesses such as PTSD. Mental Disabilities account for 20 percent of the homeless population. This includes drug and alcohol addiction, “or other vulnerabilities that render the individual unfit or unable to obtain his or her own domicile” (Homeless, Gale 2014). The list has been growing exponentially as the years go by. Natural disasters, victims of domestic violence and runaways are part of the growing homeless problem. Some solutions address, aid homelessness and try to bring awareness to the unavoidable…show more content…
These organizations “began receiving federal support during 2001-2009. Others, such as the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, provide litigation, advocacy, and educational services to programs that seek to alleviate homelessness” (Homeless, Gale 2014). Another institution is Volunteers of America (VOA). “Its volunteers provide counseling with substance abuse, mental illness, or developmental disabilities and offers assistance for employment, health care, housing, transportation, and other services for the homeless, elderly, and veterans” (Helping the Homeless). These programs are trying to minimize homelessness but there is still a lack of control on the issue from the Federal Government. Little to no current bills or debates in the senate are being taken place on the topic. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is funding programs to make sure that fair and equal housing opportunities are provided for all Americans. But even that is a struggle since "The vast majority of families and youth don 't fit the HUD definition of homeless” ( HUD responds with “arguing over eligibility rules for homelessness assistance programs misses the bigger problem: There just aren 't enough resources for people in need”
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