The Cause Of Katrina's Failure

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Katrina was caused by human error and natural forces. An Army Corps of Engineers contractor failed to adequately plug holes left. Those holes allowed Katrina’s surge to go underneath the 14-foot wall, contributing to its failure. “On August 23, 2003 Katrina formed about 200 miles outside of the Bahamas” [ Kim Ann Zimmermann]. In New Orleans during Katrina there were over 50 levee failures different times throughout the day there were 28 levee failures in the first 24 hours. An estimated 24ft. of water 10ft. higher than the levees flowed through the eastern part of New Orleans. All of these levee failures caused over 900 deaths and 705 missing persons. The hurricane flooded over 100,000 homes and businesses. After 2 weeks 80%
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