The Cause Of Napoleon's Reign Of Terror

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The reign of Terror The Reign of Terror was a period of violence that occurred during the Revolution. During this period, one would be executed if they were claimed to be enemies of the Revolution and/ or questioned it. Multiple of my fellow friends were suspected of treason, the crime of betraying and being dishonest to one 's own beliefs which lead to their execution. Left and right I would hear people accusing innocent pedestrians of going against the government, when they in fact not. Robespierre was one out of many others whose idea it was to initiate the killing of innocent individuals using the guillotine. This device was the main symbol of terror and gave people everywhere the chills. It would use a sharp blade which sliced the neck,…show more content…
First, he gained military success by being victorious on his expedition in Egypt, by forcing the Hapsburg emperor to make peace, and by capturing most of northern Italy. After acquiring so much power, Napoleon believed he dominated the world and that he was the new emperor of France, believing the throne should not belong to anyone else but himself. His dream became reality so much that the confident guy he was known to be, ended up crowning himself at his coronation. Yes, he may be one to control, but we were definitely in need of a on hand leader even if he was going to be an ruler. Napoleon was not only aggressive on the battlefield, but as well as in office. He strengthened the central government by order, security, and efficiency. While also restoring economic problems by rooting in new industries, controlling prices, and establishing roads and canals. Though he was vain, Napoleon truly made better living conditions for France for ALL. His reforms of the revolution immensely improved the environment and reputation of France, for the better. Yes, Napoleon’s leadership contributed to democracy because of his smart choices of reforms and the “Napoleonic Code” which embodied enlightenment
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