The Cause Of Poverty In The United States

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Today there are many people living in poverty, in local places you see many people sleeping on the streets and trying to make a living where they stand. Poverty is a huge problem in today 's society and it 's not something only a few people have to deal with, one way or another the whole world has to deal with it. Poverty is defined as being in a state where you lack reliable basic needs such as food,water and technology. Where you do not make enough financially to support or help yourself and in some cases even your family. There are different stages in where someone would consider a person to be living in poverty, Some believe it to be when a family is living check to check, day by day and then there are some who would agree that people…show more content…
The main 5 factors are said to be ignorance, disease,apathy,dishonesty and dependency. Ignorance meaning that people who suffer in poverty have a lack of knowledge there isn 't enough information comprehended to help themselves. Disease which is highly known to be strong enough to break someone down emotionally and physically so clearly when disease becomes part of a community it 's easy for that community to fall into depression which can lead to poverty because of the little amount of work being done by the people who make up that population. Apathy is being in the state where one simply does not care, a feeling of where one has little to no power to even try to make a change. Dishonesty and dependency are both tied into ignorance, ask yourself why would someone want to constantly have to depend on the help of others or the government for the rest of their lives to make a living when they can simply get up and make a change for…show more content…
There are ways out of poverty just how their are ways out of many other situations. School education, nutritious meals and the involvement of parents is a start. Taking those steps faithfully can play a huge roll on why and how the poverty rate drops even further within the next few years. Low income families need to be slightly informed on such small actions that can be taken to turn this world around day by day. The situation can not just be thrown to the government or systems to be quickly taken care of it 's up to everyone, parents, leaders, law makers, educators and the local community members to insure that poverty rates

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