The Cause Of Stress In Community College

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Stress has corrupted student performance in community colleges today. According to “A community college is a nonresidential junior college established to serve a specific community and typically supported in part by local government funds.” Students should be able to succeed; however, they sometimes face difficulties during their academic journey, which is caused by stress. Thus, there is a correlation between academic performance and stress. “Stress is the continuing feeling of worry about your work or personal life.” says Longman dictionary. Therefore, there is major concern for students about the causes that provoke stress. There are many factors that contribute to the cause of stress in community college students: finances,…show more content…
Homework stress out students. Sometimes students may have a big workload, or they have a hard time understanding it. Some students have more work to complete so there is a greater likelihood for them to have more stress . Those things can cause stress for students. In an article I read it says “Not surprisingly, the workload of college is significantly more involved than the high school workload, and it comes with less hand-holding from parents and teachers” (Scott 1). This source is implying that students in community college may get stressed out because of difficult assignments. Keeping in mind that they have other things to do, they may or may not have time to complete their academic tasks. Studying for tests can be a burden. They may have a lot of pressure to pass the assessment. Students in community college not only have harder classes than high school students they may have less time. A student can have a hard time managing time. This can lead to them lagging behind in…show more content…
Today, students encounter financial, academic, and personal life difficulties, which are problems that cause level of stress. Some students lack money and become anxious. On the top of that, they have a lot of homework that can be hard to understand, and they may not have enough time to complete it because of the number of classes they have. Health problems also stress out students. Stress is not to be taken lightly, whether you’re a community college student, or a concerned reader. Knowing the cause is one step to prevent it, or even treat it. Remember don't stress, do your very best, appreciate each step, forget the
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