Why Is The Dust Bowl Bad

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The Dust Bowl
Theodore Roosevelt said, “When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.” The Dust Bowl was a very bad time for the United States because it was also during The World’s War and the United States was also already in a bad state with the Great Depression going on. The Dust Bowl was a time of economic hardship because people did not know how to stop the problem, people were losing land, the government did not know how to stop the Dust Bowl.
Dry Conditions
The Dust Bowl was started by farmers growing wheat crops. The reason the dust storms came was because of the wind (Worster, 2017) . The soil was very dry and was cracking from the grass being taken away the grass was holding the earth together. Crops were badly ruined from the dust storms (Worster, 2017). The dust storms were a very bad thing because soldier’s from the war needed food. The farmers thought that they were doing a good thing but then it turned out bad.
Cause of the Dust Bowl
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Humans could stop the Dust Bowl (Marrin, 2009). Humans could’ve stopped the Dust bowl because it was not a natural disaster it was made by humans. We caused the dust bowl by plowing up all the grass (Marrin, 2009). Becaused the dust bowl by plowing up all the grass and it made the ground dry. Humans were the cause of the dust because they did not try to at least make the soil on there farms wet (Marrin, 2009). The grass was the one thing holding the ground together it didn 't rain and we didn 't really have
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