The Cause Of Wildfires In The United States

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Fire can be devastating no matter the level of power it has, yet the effects that wildfires have on every worldwide country really has left its mark on the land. As written by world renowned wild fire spokesperson Smokey the Bear, “Every year, wildfires sweep through parts of the United States setting wilderness and homes ablaze. On average these raging infernos destroy about four to five million acres of land a year. But in 2012, wildfire burned more than 9.3 million acres, an area about the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined” (n.d 2013)
Wildfires have been a major issue for many years; with the first one being recorded over four hundred and twenty million years ago the world realized they were dealing with an unstoppable monster.
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Often wildfires occur in uncultivated, unpopulated areas, however, they can occur anywhere and destroy homes, agriculture, humans, and animals in their path. When it comes to wildfires there are two main categories of immediate causes, natural occurring, and human. Natural occurring causes of wildfires could be link to volcanic eruption, heat waves, droughts, cyclical climate changes, etc. Among those natural occurrences lighting is at the very top of the list. The average 10-year total of U.S. wildfire acres burned and caused by humans is 1.9 million acres while 2.1 million acres burned are lightning caused annually (2005). Fires are usually started by abnormally long-lasting hot lightning bolts (2014). On the other hand, there are those fires that are made by humans. Although wildfires caused by lighting can damage a larger area, as much as 90 percent of wildland fires that generate in the United States are caused by humans. Some of this human made fires can be linked to intentional acts of arson, the burning of debris, and unintended campfires (2014). With that in mind the United States and Canada’s forest areas are the most common places were wildfires may occur, besides other areas around the world such as West Cape of South Africa where the climate is very hot and dry for long periods of…show more content…
There are some benefits of forest fires, which are the ecological balance, soil quality, and disease reduction.
First of all, forest fires have benefits for the ecology. The fire starts to burn small strikes which mean these small fires protect the forests from the big and dangerous fires. According to the researchers, most of the small forest fires don 't have enough heat to burn big trees. It can be understandable that smaller fires burn away all the organic matter on the forest 's floor. Furthermore, when these small fires start, the fire destroys the small trees and then big trees are becoming resources for water and soil nutrients. Forest fires increase the soil quality. There is a herb which named as a “litter” on the first floor of the forest normally decomposes slowly but when the fire starts, there are extra nutrients are created by the fire, and these situation starts to create an increase in the amount of phosphorus and potassium available for the plants which are very important for the nature. In addition, forest fires create a balanced view. Some plants and animals are damaged after the fire, but it can be a good thing to balance the food chain. Also, forest fires encourage seed growth. This makes the soil rich for further seed growth, too. The heat from a fire stimulates soil microorganisms, which again promote to

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