The Causes And Consequences Of Information Technology

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Information technology decreases the distances between people causing a lot of changes and huge impact on modern societies, some of these changes have advantages and disadvantages depending on how people implement and use this technology in useful, ethical way without any harm to themselves and to their societies, nowadays the thoughts, ideas forms and take shape in quickly way by using portable devices connecting people and linked them with the events on all over the world, live, and make them close to the truth by obvious and clear image for the occasions around them. British society and Kuwait societies share a lot of similarities and have slight differences in term of the use of mobile, smart phones and the use of social media. These differences and similarities relate to many causes and consequences depend on many criteria. This essay explores all these points with evaluations and illustrations. All the data released recently indicate sharply increasing number of the consumer using mobile and smart phones in British and Kuwait. According to static published by Ipsos MediaCT (2014), the trend indicates that Kuwait record the highest increment percentage in the use of smart devices from 2012 to 2013 by 69%, Emarketer (2014), on the other hand, British record only 40% in the growth of the using referring to 2014 data released from Deloitte (2014). Both British and Kuwait have the same cause of using mobile and smart phones. GSMArena one of the most popular websites on
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