The Causes And Consequences Of Operation Barbarossa

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Causes and Consequences of Operation Barbarossa

On June 22nd 1941, German forces crossed the Russian frontier and began to fight their way into Soviet territory. Operation Barbarossa,
Hitler 's codename for the attack on Russia, had begun. In this essay I am going to describe the causes, events and consequences of Operation
Barbarossa. What happened when the 'unbeatable ' Hitler and Germany met the sheer determination and patriotism of Stalin and the USSR?

There were many reasons that contributed to Hitler 's invasion of the

Hitler had always harboured a hatred for the Slavs, he thought they were inferior, impure people who were only fit to be used as slaves.
This was a racist attitude that had been with Hitler for many years
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British public were glad to see Germany suffering after the hardships of the Battle of Britain. This lead to the USSR gaining 'great power status, ' and an unlikely alliance between Stalin, Churchill and
Roosevelt. Russia now had to be taken seriously.

Operation Barbarossa 's consequences were not all good for Russia. They also suffered massive losses. The land was destroyed, partly due to
Stalin 's 'scorched-earth ' policy. It was impossible to calculate the number of dead, but it is estimated at several million.

However, Churchill was very suspicious of Stalin, and believed a powerful Russia could be just as big a threat as a powerful Germany.
Churchill wanted to 'shake hands with the Russians as far to the east as possible, ' to stop them gaining more land. This was exactly the opposite of Stalin 's plans. He aimed to create a 'buffer zone, ' so
Russia would be safe from attack.

The Battle of Stalingrad made all of these things possible. Up to this point, the future of the Soviet Union and of Stalin was in doubt.
After the battle took place, it was only a matter of time before the
Germans were driven out of Russia and pushed and pushed for another 3 brutal years until they

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