The Causes And Consequences Of The Spanish-American War

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The Spanish-American war
The Spanish-American War happened in 1898 between Spain and the United States. During the war, the Spanish colonial rule was ended in America, leading to the U.S acquiring territories in Latin America and Western Pacific. The origin of the war was Cuba’s struggle to get its independence from Spain that started in 1895. The war was a short one that lasted for four months. During this time, Spain used brutal measures in stopping the rebellion, and various sensational newspapers in the United States showed this, leading to Americans developing sympathy for the Cuban rebels. The aim of this essay is discussing the Spanish-American War, looking at the causes of the war, the winner, as well as the consequences.
The war began as Cuba struggled to gain its independence from Spain. Through this time, the U.S journalists published the brutal ways Spain used in fighting the Cubans. The U.S thus developed a growing interest in coming up with an intervention for saving the Cubans from the brutality of Spain. The demand for the intervention by the U.S grew stronger after the sinking of the sinking of the Havana Harbor of the UUS Maine battleship on 15 February 1898. The battleship had been sent to Havana during the anti-Spanish riots to protect the citizens of the U.S and the property. On
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It was also because of the brutal ways that Spain was using to deal with the Cuban rebels. The U.S thus stepped in and helped Cuba gain it independence from the Spanish. The war involved a series of war and bloodshed both on the side of the U.S and Spain. The U.S thus won the war leading to the Spanish leaving Cuba. The war also set a stage for other policies in the U.S and reflected the development that had been experienced in the 19th Century. The Philippines also gained its independence and Hawaii joined the Union because of the
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