Cause And Effect Essay On Texting And Driving

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Garcia 1 Angelica Garcia Professor Steph Dirw 0310-43008 20 March 2015 The affects of texting and driving In today’s society people have the habit to text and drive. This can cause many distractions on the road. One of the most serious and dangerous distractions is texting while driving. It can cause the diver to lose control of the wheel and cause a serious car crash or a person death. Although being in a car crash or accident can also cause serious injuries like being paralyzed from the waist down or in a deathly coma. Therefore, texting and driving has affected the safety of drivers because of many distractions, car crashes, and injuries. First, texting and driving has affected the safety of drivers because of many distractions. Texting messaging while driving is perhaps the most dangerous distractions. Many people have been distracted from the road and the things around them because they are either checking a text message or talking to someone on the phone. Although there are many ways that adults and teens can get distracted while driving like changing the radio station or picking up something that fell on the ground. However there have been billions of life threatening accidents due to distractions on the road. Texting and driving has…show more content…
Many distractions are cause on the road; however texting while driving is one of the most dangerous distractions that can happen on the road. Just from taking their eyes of the road for a few seconds people can cause many deathly car crashes and accidents while texting messaging, Although texting and driving can also cause many serious injuries to someon love one, they can either bleed to death or have a concoction. Texting and driving can leave little kids without their parents. Therefore people should not text and drive because they can affected someone live forever without even knowing they
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