Invasive Species Essay

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Alien species is a species which brought into an unnatural ecosystem. Invasive species are species, both native species or not, which broadly affect the habitat, can cause environmental damage, economic loss, or harm for humans. Invasive alien species do not always invasive species not necessarily come from outside/foreign. Invasive Alien Species (IAS) is a combination of alien species and invasive species. Invasive Alien Species is a species introduced either intentionally or unintentionally outside their natural habitat, could be at the level of species, subspecies, varieties, and the nation, include whole organisms, parts of the body, gametes, seeds, eggs or propagules are able to live and reproduce in their new habitat, which then becomes…show more content…
Asteraceae family is a plant that can adapt well in the mountain slopes, and has a role in balancing ecosystems such as preventing erosion and enriches the soil organic matter (Kumolo & Utami 2011). Family Asteraceae mostly classified as weeds on agricultural land, and has been reported by Sunaryo et al. (2012) and Uji (2010) that a species of Eupatorium odoratum, Austroeupatorium is a species that invade several locations in the Park. With Salak and Mount Gede National Park Pangrango. Data Survey Global Invasive Species Database (IGSS 2015), shows that there are several species of undergrowth and tree species are classified as invasive plants. There are four factors that influence the success of the invasion of species, a disturbance in the ecosystem (fire or natural disaster), the ability to compete, availability of resources, and the pressure of propagules (Moser et al. 2009). Invasive alien species is the result of interactions between habitat suitability and the pressure of propagules (Rejmanek et al. 2005). Changes in environmental conditions may affect the level of invasion of a species. Changing environmental conditions interfere with the balance of competition between native plants and foreign plants. Changes in the environment can be, can be a limiting metabolism, can be a high temperature, and the presence of toxin (Alpert et al.

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