The Causes And Dangers Of Invasive Alien Species

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Alien species is a species which brought into an unnatural ecosystem. Invasive species are species, both native species or not, which broadly affect the habitat, can cause environmental damage, economic loss, or harm for humans. Invasive alien species do not always invasive species not necessarily come from outside/foreign. Invasive Alien Species (IAS) is a combination of alien species and invasive species. Invasive Alien Species is a species introduced either intentionally or unintentionally outside their natural habitat, could be at the level of species, subspecies, varieties, and the nation, include whole organisms, parts of the body, gametes, seeds, eggs or propagules are able to live and reproduce in their new habitat, which then becomes a threat to biodiversity, ecosystems, agriculture, socio-economic and human health, the ecosystem level, individual or genetic (CBD-UNEP 2014). Invasive alien plant species found in MMNP is Acacia decurrens (Wendl.) WiIld. The plant is native species that originate from Australia. This plant belongs to the family Fabaceae, subfamily Mimosoidae, genus Acacia. It is a tree that fast growing pioneers species, has led to serious concerns regarding the dispersal and high invasion cover of new areas (de Neergaard 2005). Invasion of an alien species can occur if the condition impaired its new environment so that native species that is unable to adapt to new environmental conditions were replaced by alien species are able to adapt quickly to

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