Effects Of Electronic Waste

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Did you know that an average cell phone user replace their phone once every 18 months? Cell phone are not worth getting this frequently, or when there 's a new phone out. E waste or electronic waste is discarded electrical or electronic devices. When electronics end up in landfill, toxic like lead, mercury, and cadmium can soak into to the soil and water. E waste affects nearly every system in the human body. E waste creates a lot of pollution and problems in water supplies in developing countries. 20 to 50 million metric tons are disposed worldwide every year. When mining the material for the cell phone it causes erosion and the leftover chemicals are often dumped the material in our phone and the chemical that are uses can cause serious…show more content…
When mining gold it can cause erosion, the contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water. After they use harmful chemical to recover the gold and the copper, the leftover chemical is often dumped, which can contaminate the water. Gold in a cell phone can be recovered using powerful chemical like cyanide and nitric acids. The leftover chemicals are often dumped, which can contain the soil and water. Many gold mines often dump their toxic waste into natural bodies of water. It destroying the coral and ocean life around the countries. A gold mining boom is destroying the Amazon rainforest. Gold miner is tearing down the forest to access the hot spot for gold. Gold mining is responsible for the large amount mercury in the Amazon rainforest’s air and water. The mercury in the water is killing plants, animal, fish, and people. Artisanal gold miner release 1000 tons of mercury into the environment every year. Toxic waste can easily seep into the soil and groundwater or be released in catascopic spills. When mining for gold it can cause serious problems to our environment, that we can’t undo. It can cause us to lose many of our important resources that we need to…show more content…
The circuit board in the cell phone produces 21 kg of waste and a total of 18 kg of Hazardous waste during manufacturing, just alone. The glass of the phone is not al all recyclable, the lead is barely recyclable, the mercury in the phone is not recycled. Gold produces 20 tons of waste and 13 pounds of hazardous waste. While it is unfortunate that some people say that we should be recycling our e waste and selling the material in the phones for a profit and it helps us to communicate with people. But, I say that it is harming the environment, the miners who get the material, and the people in villages who uses the water, that they just dump harmful chemicals into. Even though they make money off of selling the material in the phone, they should be releasing what is important, their health or money. The global impact is that we should reuse all our old phone and stop buying new phone after having one for a couple of months. That means there the amount of mercury in the air and the water will decline. The miner and the people won’t have a serious health problem to worry

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