The Causes And Effect Of Stress In A Modern Life

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Modern lifestyle is quite different from the lifestyle people had 30 decades ago. Everyone is busy with their life, let it b a child, a teenager, an adult or an old man. Individuals are so busy that they don 't have time even for themselves. Life has become a competition, where one has to keep fighting, proving themselves to be better than others, to achieve success and in this race people start taking too much stress.
Stress is our body 's response towards a pressure or a challenge. Stress goes hand in hand with a busy life, if a person is unable to handle the pressure caused by the increasing competitiveness.
Stress is related to time, work and deadlines. In modern busylife, meeting deadlines at work and working under pressure create stress. It leads to irritability and impatience. Thus stress management is very essential in this busylife to lead a normal and healthy life. Usually an individual gets stressed because of thinking about the consequences of the problem rather than focusing on the solution, in the workplace.
Stress is very closely related to illness. Biologically stress is of two types- acute and chronic, and both these types leads to serious illness. Chronic stress cause cancer and heart attack Also stress leads to physiological and behavioural changes.Your stress can also be a reason for stress in others life- your loved ones.
Stress can lead to major illness such as heart diseases like blood pressure, heart

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